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My Story

My road to fitness and being a personal trainer started at about the age of three.  Back in the days of leg-warmers and leotards, I donned my mom’s fluorescent pink gear to join her for “Hooked on Aerobics” almost every day. It may have been a sign of things to come, but if it was I took a long detour along the way.

I was always the cute "chubby" kid. As I got older and into my teens being chubby wasn't so cute anymore...especially to me. Coming from a large family of "skinny" people, I always felt a lot of pressure to look as good as everyone else. Especially the other girls in my family, my two older sisters and mom, who have never weighed over 120 lbs. Most people look back at high school as the time when they looked their best. I look back and remember feeling only "fat and unhappy."


My low point (or should I say high point) was hitting 162 pounds, and buying size 14 jeans. Surrounding by friends and family who were "skinny people" this was a personally humiliating moment for me. I could hardly believe that was me! I knew I had to do something different. And I finally did. 


I devoured everything I could on the subject of exercise and nutrition and tried things that worked and things that didn't work until I finally found the magically combination that worked for me.


Fast forward to today…I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off! I am so excited after years of being "the fat one" to slip into my size 4 jeans every day. Achieving my fitness goals and gaining the confidence that comes with that has inspired me to help other women struggling with their weight. It truly has become my passion to help other women feel more confident in themselves and live a healthier happier life, whether they have 100 pounds to lose, or just want to tone up. That is a real "before" picture of me above and as embarrassing as it is to show people what I used to look like, I want you to know that I know what it's like and I know what it takes to make a permanent change!

I have now been involved in some sort of fitness training for over 11 years and have worked with high school sports teams, a physical therapy clinic, a five-star health spa, gyms, and a medical weight management clinic. I proceeded to get my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness Management and Exercise Science.  I am certified as a Level IV Personal Fitness Trainer through World Instructor Training Schools and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Over the 11 years of training I have worked one-on-one with clients in Utah, Florida, Colorado, and now Nevada - plus with clients from all over the country and internationally through my Online Training.


My own fitness and nutrition routine includes a variety of things that I share exclusively with my clients. Outside of training I spend time with my adorable dog Riley. I also love to travel, read, go to movies and expand my creative side with painting and photography. You can check out some photos of me from a recent fitness shoot with Amy Hansen Photo below.


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