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Success Stories

I worked with Janalyne for about 4 months. I did both in person training and her nutrition plan. When I started with her I was 160 pounds. I'd tried working out and dieting on my own to no avail so I finally decided to try working with Janalyne because I liked that she had been through being overweight and was able to reach and maintain her goals. After about 3.5-4 months of working with her, I lost 30 pounds and reached my goal weight of 130!!


She is absolutely the BEST! 
After I reached my goal weight she helped me put together a maintenance program and diet that has allowed me to work out on my own and I have kept the weight off with the program she designed for me ever since! 
I can't recommend her highly enough!! You'd be in good hands. :) Jamie H., CO




Thank you SO much Janalyne!  I am in love with my new body (and so is my husband)  Every day I look in the mirror and just love the way I look…in fact, I probably spend a little too much time in front of it now!  I have loved every minute of working with you and am excited to have a maintenance plan after you move.  –Jessica B., FL




Working with you has been such a great way to reach my goals.  I loved how positive and encouraging, but also laidback you are at the same time…it made me actually start to look forward to my workouts.  I have now lost 25 pounds, only 10 more to go!  Thanks for all you do.  Leslie C., CO




I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a positive change.  I didn’t have much weight to lose, but have always been just skinny and out of shape.  I wanted to have a lean, muscular body and now with the nutrition and workout plans I am  a new person.  I can do more “man” pushups than my husband!  Bikini season is now something I very much look forward to.  –Tammy L., FL




I would consider myself an “old-timer” with too much grey hair and too many extra pounds.  I was intimidated to find a trainer because of how out of shape I was, but you have done a great job with getting me to do what it takes.  I look and feel 10 years younger and have more energy than I have in a long time.  Going up the stairs in my house used to get me out of breath and now I can do two at a time without even batting an eye.  I now have energy to play with my grandkids and get out in my garden.  I am looking to many more sessions with you.  Joan S., CO



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