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Travel Fee Info

If you live somewhere not listed below please contact me with your home address and I will be happy to help you determine if there will be a travel fee.

Pueblo/Pueblo West:

If you live in Pueblo or Pueblo West there is no travel fee.

Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas:
Use the map and chart below to determine your travel fee.


Instructions: Mouse over the star on the map below and click “From”. A new window will open up. Type in your address to find out how many miles away you are from the starting location. Next, review the chart below to assess your travel fee (if any). Mapquest travel times are used as an estimate only. If I find that it takes longer to travel to your house due to construction or constistent heavy traffic (i.e. rush hour) your travel fee may qualify for a higher rate.


Distance from
I-25 & W. Bijou st.

Travel Fee

0-15 minutes


16-20 minutes


21-25 minutes


26-30 minutes


31-35 minutes


And so on…




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